SNEF Corporate Learning Centre (CLC) has been equipping employers and employees with the necessary skills to tackle the latest developments in the labour market and changing economy since 1980. We deliver training via the recommended mode(s) of learning and offer a variety of up-to-date courses that are targeted at the acquisition of specific skill sets and expertise. Training grants are available to give everyone a chance to participate in insightful discussions and experiential learning. Kick-start your lifelong learning journey with us today by browsing our pool of courses found here or contact us at +65 6827 6927 /

We have 200+ programmes & courses offering future-ready competencies awaiting your discovery. Click here to learn more!

Customised / Contextualised Group Training 

SNEF Customised Training

We offer carefully curated group training facilitated in-person or digitally to meet our clients’ needs. Click here to learn more or contact our group training specialists today!  

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