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SNEF launches Workplace HIV Support Portal for Progressive Employers

10 May 2024

SNEF has launched the Workplace HIV Support Portal 1 (, empowering employers to manage human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in the workplace through a 3-tier approach.

2 This approach includes workplace education, creating a supportive and inclusive workplace environment, and establishing workplace policies to effectively address HIV in the workplace. The portal provides resources and support networks for employers to address HIV at work. By pledging support, employers demonstrate dedication to a healthier, safe, and inclusive workplaces, regardless of HIV status.

3 Mr Jerry Seah, Senior Director of SNEF, emphasised the importance of progressive workplace practices, stating, “Misinformation about HIV can lead to stigma and discrimination. It’s time to eliminate these barriers by creating well-informed workplace environments where all employees support each other, regardless of their health status, and where employers implement progressive policies. With this portal, we aim to have 100 companies pledge their support by the end of the year.”

4 International SOS, a health and security risk management firm, is leading by example by implementing activities across the three tiers. Ms Juliana Gim, Regional Managing Director of International SOS, highlighted their belief in prevention and effective management of infectious diseases. She stated, “International SOS is actively educating clients in Singapore on building a healthy workplace through managing infectious diseases, including HIV.”

5 The Workplace HIV Support Portal represents a significant step forward in the global fight against HIV/AIDS, emphasising collaboration between public and private sectors. This aligns with the shared goal of achieving the 95-95-95 targets set by UNAIDS, which aim to ensure that, by 2030, 95% of people living with HIV know their status, 95% of those diagnosed with HIV receive antiretroviral therapy (ART), and 95% of those receiving ART have viral suppression. The portal also acknowledges the
critical role of employers in this effort.

6 Adopting the HIV 3-tier approach allows employers to fulfil their social responsibilities while reaping various benefits. By addressing a critical health issue like HIV, companies enhance their reputation and create a more inclusive workplace, where employees feel valued and supported. This can boost morale, productivity, and loyalty. Additionally, promoting a healthier workforce can lead to reduced absenteeism and healthcare costs. A positive workplace culture and reputation can make the
company more attractive to top talent, further contributing to its success.

7 For more information and to pledge your company’s support, visit Workplace HIV Support Portal.

1 The Workplace HIV Support Portal is a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to promoting HIV awareness and support within corporate environments. Through its comprehensive platform, the Workplace HIV Support Portal empowers companies to pledge their commitment to HIV management in the workplace and adopt the proven 3-tier approach. By fostering collaboration and education, the Workplace HIV Support Portal aims to create inclusive workplaces where all employees feel valued and supported.

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