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Response by the Singapore National Employers Federation on the Ministry of Education’s Committee of Supply Debate 2024

01 March 2024

The Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) welcomes the support for Singaporeans to pursue further education and upskilling beyond the schooling years and to keep the workforce competitive and employable in the long term.

Supporting Mid-career Up-skilling and Re-skilling
2   The SkillsFuture Level-Up Programme (SFLP) is commendable and will provide the resources needed for mid-career Singaporeans to refresh their skillsets. To help mid-careerists pursuing the programme gain practical industry experience, SNEF advocates for these qualification programmes to be complemented with an industry attachment to emphasise on skills-based training outcomes and ensure quality industry relevance.

3   In a tight labour market, it will be useful to create another pathway where workers remain employed, albeit on a part time basis, while undergoing skills upgrading. Workers may also choose to pursue a part time course instead of enrolling into a full time course. As such, SNEF would like to call on the Ministry of Education to consider supporting part-time qualifications programmes, with a training allowance as well. The additional allowance will help to offset income reduction from full-time work. This will additionally benefit workers as they apply their learnings and skills while earning an income from their part-time job and gaining practical industry experience.

4 SNEF remains committed to working closely with our tripartite partners on supporting mid-career workers to tap on SFLP in their upskilling efforts. Employees should discuss how best to manage their time away from work in an open and constructive manner and come to a mutual agreement with their employer.

Uplifting the Wages and Career Prospects of ITE Graduates
5 We welcome the support to uplift the wages and career prospects of young ITE graduates. The ITE Progression Award (IPA) will incentivise ITE graduates to pursue upskilling and training, and help to mitigate the costs of obtaining a diploma.

6 SNEF would like to call for employers to look beyond academic qualifications and recognise the diverse skills and strengths of their workers.

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