Tripartite Advisories & Guidelines

Tripartism refers to the collaboration among unions, employers and the Government. In Singapore, tripartite guidelines and advisories are formulated by the Tripartite partners – the Ministry of Manpower, National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and the Singapore National Employers Federation.

Tripartite Committee on Workplace Fairness

The Tripartite Committee on Workplace Fairness (the “Committee”) was formed in July 2021 to study policy options to strengthen workplace fairness. In Feb 2023, the Committee published an Interim Report on key aspects of the proposed legislative framework for public feedback.

The interim report can be found here.

On 4 August 2023, the Committee released its final report which made 22 recommendations under four key thrusts to enhance the current framework and uphold workplace fairness in the following ways:

a) Strengthen the overall framework for workplace fairness
b) Formalise mediation as the preferred approach to resolving disputes relating to workplace discrimination
c) Provide remedies for harm done
d) Provide appropriate enforcement levers against discriminatory acts by a small group of errant employers.

The final report can be found here.

Advisories on the Tripartite Workgroup on Lower Wage Workers

In October 2020, the Tripartite Partners formed a Tripartite Workgroup on Lower-Wage Workers (TWG-LWW) to explore measures to further uplift the wages and well-being of lower-wage workers. Over 10 months, the Tripartite partners consulted more than 1,800 individuals from Unions, Employers, members of the public and lower wage workers. In August 2021, the TWG-LWW released a report with 18 key recommendations.

You can also find SNEF’s media statement here and the Sectoral Tripartite advisories here.

SNEF President Dr Robert Yap at the TWG-LWW Press Conference in 2021 (Photo Credits: Ministry of Manpower Singapore).

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