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Mining HR Data for Insights

This workshop aims to provide a broad but practical overview of the entire analytics value chain, with a specific focus on gleaning objective insights from HR data and finally effectively communicate their findings to decision makers.

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2 May 2024


Salary and Benefits Update 2024

This session will share the latest trends and best practices in compensation and benefits. Insights will be shared to inform on important compensation and benefit matters such as annual increment and variable bonus in 2024 and beyond.

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16 May 2024


Managing Staff with Mental Health/Emotional Issues at the Workplace

This session will cover common challenges faced by HR Practitioners/supervisors/line managers at the workplace and learners will gain insights on managing staff with mental health/emotional issues.

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25 Jun 2024


Visualizing Pivotal HR Insights

This workshop will achieve learning outcomes such as helping learners to understand what data analytics is and the key ingredients for sustainable analytics. It will also help learners appreciate the thought process, key technical and visual considerations to designing effective data visualisations into coherent and impactful dashboards.

This workshop will be suitable for HR Professionals and all other professionals with a keen interest in developing data analytics skills in the HR domain.

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15 July 2024


Generative AI for HR – Boosting Productivity at Work

This webinar provides a comprehensive overview of how Generative AI can be leveraged to enhance HR functions and drive organisation success in the digital age.

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16 Jul 2024


HR Data Visualisation with Tableau

This workshop will achieve learning outcomes such as helping learners to appreciate the impact that data visualisation has on the realisation of value in HR analytics and understand the key principles and elements of building an impactful data visual. Learners will also learn the basics of Tableau navigation and develop an interactive HR dashboard to gain insights from it.

This workshop will be suitable for HR professionals and staff at all levels, in non-analyst roles, who want to learn to make a bigger impact with their data and analysis.

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13 Aug 2024


HR Organisational Benchmarking: Key HR Indicators

This session aims to help participants learn and understand important local benchmarks for organisational structure.

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22 Aug 2024


Labour Market Wage Outlook 2024/2025

This session will share the latest economic, labour and wage information to help employers be better prepared for 2025, including changing industry trends and variations arising in wage growth. Local market data collected will be shared including business outlook for 2024/2025.

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10 Oct 2024


HR Data Storytelling

This workshop aims to help learners identify the key components to a data story which includes data visualization and narrative.

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28 Oct 2024


Career Development for an Ageing Workforce

This session will share the latest local demographic trends in the workforce. This is followed by best practices in a career development for mature/senior workers to help employers better understand how ageing can be a productive asset, instead of a liability for the organisation, as well as how HR can play a part in achieving productive longevity for their workforce.

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14 Nov 2024

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