Member’s Information Update

To update the SNEF Representative / Nominee, kindly e-mail us at by providing the following information:

1) Company Name / SNEF Company ID
2) Name of New SNEF Representative / Nominee*
2) New E-mail Address
3) New Contact Number

* Please indicate if the change will be for the SNEF Representative / Nominee.


 SNEF Nominee  He / She represents the company and votes on its behalf in all matters relating to the Federation. He / She should preferably hold the highest position (eg. CEO) in the company.
 SNEF Main Representative  He / She is the main contact between SNEF and the company on matters relating to membership update and invoices. He / She will also receive the latest notifications on employment-related news, upcoming events and training courses. He / She should preferably be the HR Director / Manager in the company.
 SNEF Representative  He / She will receive from SNEF the latest notifications on employment-related news, events and training courses.

Note : As our updates and mass circulars contains in the subject (a requirement by IMDA), most companies’ IT will automatically block these emails / direct it into junk mail. Hence, to facilitate our e-circulars to reach the representative(s), please have your IT assist to include the domain : into the email white list.