How to apply for SNEF Membership

How to apply for SNEF Membership

  1. How Much You Need To Invest

    MEMBERSHIP FEE is based on the number of employees and payable six-months in advance.

    Please refer to the definition of employee below.

    Annual subscription fees are as follows:

    For the first 25 employees $350.00
    For the next 125 employees $10.00 per employee
    For the next 150 employees $9.00 per employee
    For the next 100 employees $8.00 per employee
    Above 400 employees No additional investment

    Companies with more than 400 employees pay a maximum annual subscription of $3750.00.

    The subscription fees are paid in 2 advanced instalments a year, based on the number of employees as at 31 January and 31 July.

    THE FIRST YEAR PAYMENT comprises (i) the first year subscription fee and (ii) the one time entrance fee.

    The One Time Entrance Fee is indicated as below:

    Up to 90 employees : $300

    More than 90 employees : 30% of annual subscription

    NB: Please add 7% GST to the fee which you have worked out using the scheme above.

  2. How to Fill in the Membership Application Form

    The definitions of the terms referred to in the Application Form are as follows:

    1. Employees Persons employed by a Member. The number of employees should include management as well as non-management staff under the payroll of the company.
    2. Nominee Preferably the CEO, this person represents the company and votes on its behalf in all matters relating to the Federation.
    3. Representative Preferably the HR Director / Manager, this person is required to liase with SNEF on general, human resource and industrial relations matters.

    Kindly fill in the details of your company representatives listed in the form. This is to ensure that information on our services will be disseminated to the right person.

    • Define your main business activity
      Meeting other members within the same industry group / common business interest group is one of the benefits you will enjoy as a SNEF Member. To ensure that you are allocated to the right group, please describe your companies’ main business activity accurately.
    • Importance of filling up THE SCHEDULE
      This is an official procedure of appointing a nominee to represent your company. He/she can vote on your company’s behalf at all General Meetings and at all ballots. He/she has the authority to exercise all powers, rights and privileges vested in your company and act for your company in all matters affecting your SNEF membership. Please note that it is appropriate for the CEO/MD to nominate himself/herself.

    Please e-mail the completed application form to the Member Relations Dept. at, and post the following to Singapore National Employers Federation, 60 Paya Lebar Road, #13-45 Paya Lebar Square (Lobby 2), Singapore 409051:

    • The completed application form with the ORIGINAL signature and company stamp
    • Cheque payable to ” Singapore National Employers Federation”. Please indicate “New Member” behind the cheque. To confirm amount payable, kindly contact Member Relations Dept. at 6827 6955 or Finance Dept. at 6827 6943.
  3. Processing your Membership Application

    Your application will be evaluated and approved by the Council of the SNEF within 2 weeks. Upon the receipt of approval, a membership number and the contact of a SNEF consultant, in charge of the respective industry will be provided to your company. Your company may contact this consultant who will assist and advise your company on any matters related to employment and industrial relations issues.