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Benefits & Services


Member Benefits & Services

About SNEF

In the tripartite system, the Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) is the body representing employers and is dedicated to advance tripartism and enhance labour market flexibility to enable employers to implement responsible employment practices.
SNEF is supported by more than 3,400 employers, employing over 800,000 employees, across all sectors of the economy, including government agencies and social service agencies. As part of our commitment to our members, SNEF constantly partner and work closely with various Government Agencies and Knowledge Experts, to develop and provide a wide range of assistance programmes and services to support our members in their efforts to achieve excellence in responsible employment practices.
SNEF Advisory and Consultancy

Advisory & Consultancy

  • Get advice on HR and Employment / Industrial Relations issue from an assigned consultant.
  • Consult on HR and Union-Management issues.
  • Seek assistance for tripartite mediation and industrial arbitration.
Quick Fact: More than 2,500 HR/IR advisory cases/ enquiries handled in FY2021/2022.

Engagement & Advocacy

  • Sharing on latest employment trends, Government initiatives, updates on employment legislations; and networking with fellow HR practitioners from similar industries through member exclusive Industry Group Meetings.
  • Briefings, Conferences, Seminars and Webinars on key topics such as the National Wages Council Guidelines.
  • Bite-sized Solutioning Workshops on topics such as Retirement and Re-Employment Act, Work Injury Compensation Act, Managing Leave Benefits and Part-Time Employment Act.
  • Employers Caucus, Focus Group Discussions, Engagements and Dialogues such as the CEO Roundtable and Dialogue with Ministers and Office Holders.
  • SNEF Representation on Tripartite Committees.
Quick Fact: Organised and supported more than 100 events for over 10,000 CEOs, Senior Management and HR Representatives.
SNEF Progressive Workplace
SNEF Information and Analytics

Information & Analytics

  • Be among the first to learn about new manpower policies and guidelines.
  • Access valuable information on compensation & benefits and talent management at member rates (up to 50% savings).
  • Gain insight on manpower issues and latest economic, labour and market trends from complimentary reports and sharing sessions.
  • Receive support for human capital consultancy projects related to compensation and benefits, employee engagement and performance management.
  • Direct hotline to support members on economic, labour and HR informational needs.
Quick Fact: Launched in Nov 2021, the SNEFInsights is an online platform that provides reliable and up-to-date economic, labour and HR information –

Learning & Development

  • Preferred training provider for all workforce demographics in delivering future skills mastery.
  • Over 300 onsite and online training courses.
  • Exclusive discounts offered specially to our members for most non-funded training courses.
  • Personalised help for onsite or online customised / conceptualised group training for higher training effectiveness and optimal recommendations.
Quick Fact: Our post-course evaluations are consistently ranked 4 out of 5.
SNEF Learning and Development
SNEF Advisory and Consultancy

Assistance for Developing Progressive Workplaces

Available financial grants on various Government initiatives such as :
  • Career Conversion Programmes (CCPs)
  • Support for Job Redesign under Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG-JR)
Visit for more details on the grants administered by SNEF.

Membership Subscription Fee

The annual membership subscription fee is based on the total number of local and foreign employees based in Singapore.
The fee starts from $350.00 to a maximum of $3,750.00 annually.
Annual Subscription Fee Structure:
For the first 25 employees
For the next 125 employees
:$10.00 per employee
For the next 150 employees
:$9.00 per employee
For the next 100 employees
:$8.00 per employee
Above 400 employees
:No additional investments
One-time Entrance Fee for New Members:
Up to 90 employees
More than 90 employees
:30% of annual subscription fee
Note : Fees quoted are before the prevailing Goods and Services Tax (GST).

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We will be in touch with you within 2 working days to follow up on your application.

For more information or any enquiry, you may contact the SNEF Member & Corporate Relations hotline at 6290 7696 or e-mail to