The WorkPro scheme is jointly developed by MOM and WSG in consultation with SNEF and NTUC.

WorkPro has been developed to:

a) Augment local manpower
b) Foster progressive and age-friendly workplaces
c) Strengthen the Singaporean core

Companies tapping on WorkPro can receive up to $425,000 to support:

a) Implementation of flexible work arrangements for all workers
b) Implementation of age management practices
c) Redesigning of workplaces and processes for older workers


Discover how these can help your company and apply for them today!

a) Age Management Grant (Ceased w.e.f. 1 Sep 2019)
b) Job Redesign Grant (Ceased w.e.f. 31 Mar 2020)
c) Work-Life Grant

Important Notes

SNEF and NTUC’s e2i are the appointed WorkPro Programme Partners. Companies can approach either one to apply for WorkPro. This service is provided at no cost to companies. Applications must be submitted directly by the companies. Third parties application through consultants or vendors will not be accepted. MOM, WSG, SNEF and NTUC’s e2i do not endorse any consultants or vendors and their services or products. SNEF will not be responsible for any costs incurred by the company for the services rendered by the above-mentioned personnel or parties and any outcomes resulted from such services.