Work-Life Grant

Work-LIFE Grant

A work-life friendly workplace can be supported by flexible work arrangements (FWAs) that allow employees to vary their work arrangements to suit their individual work-life needs.

Companies are only able to apply for either one of the following grants:

 Enhanced Work-Life Grant

 Enhanced Work-Life Grant (COVID-19   enhancement)

To apply

Indicate your interest here


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Up to $70,000 over 2 years to help  companies sustain FWAs.

Up to $70,000 over 4 months to encourage  companies to sustain implementation of work-  from-home and/or staggered hours beyond  mandatory social distancing regulations

$2,000 per employee, up to 35 employees

Eligible FWA

a) Flexi-time (e.g. staggered hours,  compressed work week)

b) Flexi-place (e.g. work from home,  hot-desking)

c) Flexi-Load (e.g. job sharing,  permanent part-time, weekend  work)

a) Work-from-home


b) Staggered Hours



 1. Adopt Tripartite Standards on FWA at point of claims 

 2. Proof of regular usage of FWA

Start of Utilisation

Usage must occur after the Letter of Offer is issued.

Usage must occur after the circuit breaker period i.e. on/after 1 June 2020 (subject to change) and after the Letter of Offer is issued.

Duration of Utilisation

Regular users of FWAs for   continuous 6 months.

Regular users of Work-from-home or Staggered  Hours for continuous 1 month.

Disbursement period

2 tranches, up to 2 years from Letter   of Offer

1 tranche, up to 4 months from Letter of Offer



Useful Resources

a) Full List of Available FWAs
b) Tripartite Advisory on FWAs
c) Work-Life Works! Website
d) Tripartite Standard on Flexible Work Arrangements
e) Job Sharing Implementation Guide
f) Factsheet on Enhanced Worklife Grant

Visit SNEF Grants Portal to apply for the Enhance Work-Life Grant. Please feel free to contact us at or call us at 6290 7694 (opt 1) if your need any further information.

We have received a much larger than usual number of applications for Work-Life Grant. We ask for your patience as your applications are processed. Priority will be given to applications with complete set of documents on a first come first serve basis, and subject to the availability of fund allocated to the Work-Life Grant Scheme. Please note that the submission of an application does not guarantee approval.