At the Centre for Effective Workplaces (CEW), we drive national initiatives to help employers create flexible, inclusive, safe, and healthy workplaces to enhance productivity and sustain socio-economic growth. Our efforts are supported by various government agencies, including MOM, WSG, LTA and HPB.

We also provide onsite consultations to employers and organise outreach events to keep them informed of the latest trends, guidelines and updates. CEW has reached out to almost 7,000 employers and assisted 1,750 of them to obtain Government grants.

Available Grants and Initiatives


The WorkPro scheme is jointly developed by MOM and WSG in consultation with SNEF and NTUC.

Companies tapping on WorkPro can receive up to $425,000 to support:
a) Implementation of flexible work arrangements for all workers
b) Implementation of age management practices
c) Redesigning of workplaces and processes for older workers

Discover how WorkPro can help your company here.


Under the Workplace Infectious Diseases Education programme initiated by HPB, we have organised a complimentary series of talks and workshops on infectious diseases to help companies stay well-informed by addressing issues related to HIV/AIDS, Influenza and Tuberculosis.

Find out more about the programme here.


The Workplace Integration (WIN) Programme assists employers in integrating employees of different nationalities, cultures and norms by promoting interaction to develop inclusive and harmonious workplaces.

WIN advocates cultural diversity in the workforce where Singaporeans, foreigners and migrant workers contribute collectively.

Check out the available resources for WIN here.