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HR Tech Transformation Programme

An initiative by SNEF and WSG

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What is the HR Tech Transformation Programme (HRTTP)?

This programme aims to support enterprises in implementing HR technology through HR process re-engineering, redesigning of impacted HR job(s) and managing HR job transitions arising from the HR technology adoption. Eligible enterprises can receive funding support for job redesign related consultancy costs incurred in their projects with the job redesign consultants supporting HRTTP.

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What is Job Redesign?

Job Redesign refers to altering tasks or the way work is performed in an existing job. As part of a Job Redesign implementation, businesses need to ensure that their workforce is enabled with the right skills, competencies and resources in order to

  • Maximise the insights and productivity gains from digital and operational transformations
  • Keep pace with the capability demands of evolving business needs and stay future-ready
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Key Drivers of Job Redesign

  • Implementation of the right technology or system can augment tasks that are currently done manually, thus enhancing productivity and enabling effective decision making through analysis of the data collected.

  • Improvements in business process(es) can alleviate the workload of job roles and improve efficiency of operations.

  • Redefining job responsibilities, required skillsets and ways of working can help to retain and attract talent by enhancing the value of the role while supporting upskilling and career development opportunities.

Benefits of Deploying Job Redesign

  • Empowers employees

    • Enhances job value
    • Upskills employees and introduces new capabilities
    • Increases employee engagement and motivation
    • Improves talent attraction and retention
    The adoption of a mobile learning platform led to Fei Siong’s Learning and Development (L&D) Trainers being upskilled to develop digital training content.
  • Improves performance

    • Increases efficiency and effectiveness of work processes
    • Reduces cost and wastage
    • Improves quality of output
    • Enhances customer experience
    By digitalising and partially automating their Performance Management process, Keystone Cable’s HR reduced the time spent by 40% and introduced value-added tasks to the process.