Workplace Outreach Wellness


Introduction to WOW Programme
  About WOW

Workplace Outreach Wellness (WOW) is a programme specially curated by the Health Promotion Board (HPB).  It includes a range of effective workplace health and wellness activities, which aims to promote healthy behaviours and equip staff members with the information and abilities they need to make healthy lifestyle decisions.

As of March 2023, Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF), is one of the appointed project managers for the WOW programme.  We are pleased to be supporting workplaces in achieving their goals towards creating a healthier, productive, and more engaged workforce.

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WOW Programme is available for private companies of all sizes with a locally registered Unique Entity NumberUEN

Locally incorporated SMEs

≤ 200 workforce size or ≤ $100 million annual sales turnover, with a Unique Entity Number “UEN”

Locally incorporated non-SMEs: 

≥ 200 workforce size or ≥ $100 million sales turnover, with a Unique Entity Number “UEN”

Locally incorporated non-profit / not-for-profit organisations / trade unions / chambers and/or associations. 

Type of Health Pillars

Workplaces can choose a range of activities from the following health pillars:

WOW Nutrition
WOW Ergonomics
WOW Mental
WOW Physical Activity
WOW Screenings
Aggregated Sessions