Work-Life Grant


A work-life friendly workplace can be supported by flexible work arrangements (FWAs) that allow employees to vary their work arrangements to suit their individual work-life needs.

This grant provides up to $105,000 over two years to help companies sustain FWAs.


FWAs can be classified in three categories:
a) Flexi-time (e.g. staggered hours, compressed work week)
b) Flexi-place (e.g. work from home, hot-desking)
c) Flexi-Load (e.g. job sharing, permanent part-time, weekend work)

Useful Resources

a) Full List of Available FWAs
b) Tripartite Advisory on FWAs
c) Work-Life Works! Website
d) Tripartite Standard on Flexible Work Arrangements
e) Job Sharing Implementation Guide
f) Factsheet on Enhanced Worklife Grant

Visit SNEF Grants Portal to apply for the Enhance Work-Life Grant. Please feel free to contact us at or call us at 6290 7694 (opt 1) if your need any further information.

Important Notes

SNEF and NTUC’s e2i are the appointed WorkPro Programme Partners. Companies can approach either one to apply for WorkPro. This service is provided at no cost to companies. Applications must be submitted directly by the companies. Third parties application through consultants or vendors will not be accepted. MOM, WSG, SNEF and NTUC’s e2i do not endorse any consultants or vendors and their services or products. SNEF will not be responsible for any costs incurred by the company for the services rendered by the above-mentioned personnel or parties and any outcomes resulted from such services.