SNEFInsights is an online platform which aggregates data most used by human capital professionals, supported by analytics and intelligence to assist employers in making informed decisions. With SNEFInsights, employers can access digitised versions of various SNEF publications. It provides comprehensive search and analysis tools to help users find the latest compensation, benefits, and increment and bonus information and trends so that they can easily benchmark rewards with peers and competitors based on various parameters. Users can also choose to view the data either in a detailed tabular format for further analysis, or in a more visual format with easy-to-digest charts and graphs. SNEFInsights represents a new, digital way to look at traditional data publications and is the next step in SNEF’s ongoing digitalisation efforts.

You can find the following online publications and reports:

  1. Salary Information
    • Robust, relevant and reliable salary information for close to 600 executive and non-executive jobs by industry type, company size, revenue and job grade
    • Salary information in the form of basic salary, various fixed allowances and gross salary as per MOM definition
    • Strong local and regional coverage with information augmented by Collective Agreements and MOM wage data for survey participants
  2. Benefits Information
    • The most comprehensive and representative information on employee benefits for MNCs and SMEs in Singapore
    • Information from about 220 organisations on all MOM statutory benefits and about 30 other common non-statutory benefits by industry type, company size and job level (breakdown from senior management to non-executives)
    • Includes information and benchmarks for retirement and re-employment, family care, retrenchment, medical and wellness, employee awards and flexible benefits

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