SNEF Digital Transformation and Integration Services

To meet the growing demand from organisations to transform in this digital age, SNEFDigital has launched a new program to offer consultation and integration services for members looking to digitalise their internal and business processes.

National Digital Identity (NDI)

One of our projects is working closely with Assurity and GovTech to offer NDI integration services. The goal of this program is to allow members – who might not have the required technical capabilities internally – to quickly integrate their systems with the various services provided through NDI. These services – such as Login with SingPass, Myinfo and Myinfo Business – allow the organisation to develop value-added services for Singapore citizens that tap on government databases. This usage of this government verified information provides better convenience and security while transacting online. Utilising knowledge and experience gained from our partnership with Assurity and GovTech during the development of the SNEF Grants Portal and SNEFInsights  the department helps organisations navigate through the administrative and technical requirements of implementing NDI services. With the department’s guidance, the time and cost required to integrate those services are greatly reduced, allowing them to focus their resources on other critical areas.

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