The Employment (Amendment) Act Workshop: What to expect and it’s implications

Date 27 Aug 2019, Tue
Time 01:30pm to 05:00pm
Venue SNEF Paya Labar Square(60 Paya Lebar Road #13-45 Paya Lebar Square (Lobby 2), Singapore 409051)
Fee S$214 (SNEF Member), S$321 (Non- SNEF Member)* *(Prices are inclusive of 7% GST)
Status Complete

Programme Introduction

Workshop Objective

The Employment (Amendment) Bill was tabled in the Parliament on 2 October 2018. It was subsequently passed by the Parliament on 20 November 2018, and assented by the President on 21 December 2018. The amendments to the Employment Act had taken into effect on 1 April 2019.

About 430,000 more professionals, managers and executives will be covered by the Employment Act after the amendment.  And half of Singapore’s workforce will be covered by Part IV of the Act.  This round of amendments will be the most significant since the Act’s inception.

This half-day workshop is a technical walk-through (i.e. word for word) of the amendments to expect to the Employment Act.  There are also consequential amendments to expect to other related Acts.  The workshop aims to prepare employers on implications to their HR policies and procedures, and give the heads-up to adjust to the changes.

Target Audience

HR and People Managers – Participants are assumed to have prior knowledge of the Employment Act

Programme details

Course Outline

Amendments to the Employment Act:

Interpretation, Application of Part IV, Overtime rate of non-workmen, Annual Leave, Dismissal without just cause or excuse, Dismissal without sufficient cause, Authorised Deductions, Sick Leave, Public Holidays, Retrenchment Information.

Consequential amendments to:

Child Development Co-Savings Act, Employment Claims Act, Industrial Relations Act, and Retirement & Re-employment Act.

Mix of lectures, examples and discussions.


Ms Clariz Ang is SNEF’s Senior Manager and HR/IR Consultant of Industrial & Workplace Relations. She provides human resource and industrial relations advisory to SNEF members mainly in the insurance and professional services groups. Clariz advocates the adoption of the Tripartite Standards and she is a trainer for workshop on flexible work arrangements.


Administrative Details

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