Free Briefing: Challenges and Solutions for Email Related PDPA Legislative Concerns

Date 27 Apr 2018, Fri
Time 02:00pm to 04:30pm
Venue SNEF Training Institute, 10th Floor (19 Tanglin Rd, Tanglin Shopping Centre S(247909))
Fee Free
Status Complete

Programme Introduction

As a national employer body, the Singapore National Employers Federation has been giving talks and clinic sessions for companies to help employers learn about the various programs available in Singapore, in the areas of productivity and ready-to-go solutions. There are government grants and training options to meet the business and sometimes legislative requirements, even when they lack a budget for it.

Program presented:

• Will be Budget friendly for employers (it will excite employers with NO or Little budget),
• Successfully tried and tested by many companies from different industries and employee size,
• Benefit both the employer and their staff, and can increase staff productivity & morale
• In line with the National Agenda, (e.g. Workforce skills upgrading, employee benefits, workplace health etc.)
• Helps position the company or organization, as an employer who cares.

Employers can also take advantage of heavily funded courses to build capabilities to meet the PDPA and cyber security legislative requirements; there are some solutions and courses that can benefit the organisation at little or NO additional cost.

Programme details




a.       Challenges and some possible solutions for email related PDPA legislative challenges

b.      Listing of recent email related breach of  protection obligation cases under PDPA

c.       Why do hackers target emails, and some common solutions applied by most companies.

d.      What are some non-funded and some subsidized solutions to build internal capabilities to meet these challenges.



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