Develop & Implement Flexible Work Arrangements

Date 13 Nov 2019, Wed
Time 01:30pm to 05:00pm
Venue Meeting Room 6, Level 13, SNEF@PLS(60 Paya Lebar Road, #13-45 Paya Lebar Square, Lobby 2, Singapore 409051)
Fee Full Fee (incl. 7% GST) - (Member - $107.00), (Non-Member - $160.50)
Status Complete

Programme Introduction

Flexible work arrangements (FWAs) support a conducive work environment and implementing FWAs would benefit both employees and employers. Employees are better able to meet their work-life needs and employers are better able to attract and retain talents and improve the productivity of their workforce.

Course Objective
This course aims to provide a clear understanding of the different types of FWAs, how to roll out FWAs in the company effectively and the challenges faced when implementing the FWAs.

The course would also address some employment legislations to note when implementing FWAs, and introduce the new Tripartite Standard on Flexible Work Arrangements.

Course participants would also receive valuable information and advice on the WorkPro Enhanced Worklife Grant (EWLG) – the government grant that supports this FWA initiative to benefit both employers and employees, with incentives of up to $70,000 per employer (for FWA component of the grant*).

* Please be informed that the FWA Incentive under the Work-Life Grant is fully subscribed for companies with workforce size < 50 and closed for application until further notice. The Work-Life Grant (FWA Incentive) remains open for application for companies with workforce size ≥ 50. Companies with workforce size < 50 may still submit applications for the Job Sharing Incentive under the Work-Life Grant with SNEF.

Target Audience
Managers and executives who need to develop, implement and/or enhance the FWAs in the company, including those who have applied for, or are intending to apply for, the WorkPro Enhanced Worklife Grant (EWLG).
Mix of lectures, case studies and discussions.

Ms Clariz Ang is Senior Manager and HR/IR Consultant, Industrial and Workplace Relations. She provides human resource and industrial relations advisory to SNEF members. Clariz advocates the adoption of the Tripartite Standards including Tripartite Standard on Flexible Work Arrangements. She is also trainer for workshop on Employment (Amendment) Act and Workplace Harassment Prevention. Clariz is a Tripartite Mediation Advisor appointed by the Minister for Manpower

Programme details

– Definition and types of Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs)
– Benefits of FWAs
– How to craft a FWA policy
– How to implement FWAs effectively
– Evaluation process and role of supervisors
– Communications of FWAs offered to employees and the expectation of the use of FWAs
– Implementation challenges
– Employment legislation to note
– Case studies
– Tripartite Standard on Flexible Work Arrangements
– WorkPro Enhanced Worklife Grant (EWLG)

Administrative Details

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