Our Human Resource courses have been developed through a rigorous process of international research and consultation with HR practitioners, industry associations and economic agencies. SNEF offers an extensive range of HR courses to meet your demands as a HR professional seeking competency-based HR training and to facilitate your career progression.

Evening and Saturday classes are now available for selected courses.
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Achieve Enterprise Growth with Job Redesign View
Crafting and Implementing Human Resources Matters View
Best Practices for Responsible Exit Management View
Basics of Age Management View
Constructive Dismissal View
Discipline and Grievances Handling View
Driving Transformation through Job Redesign, Upskilling and Reskilling for Retail, Food Services, Hotels, Mice, Attractions, Tour &Travel Sectors View
Effective Exit Interview Skills for HR Business Partner - (Evening & Sat classes available) View
Effective Induction Skills for HR Business Partner - (Evening & Sat classes available) View
Emerging Role of HR as Business Partner - (Evening & Sat classes available) View
Employment Act and Child Development Co-Savings Act View
HR Policies And Procedures View
Key to Effective HR Framework for HR Business Partner - (Evening & Sat classes available) View
Implement Flexible Wage System View
Managing Employees Compliance and Strategies View
Managing Multi-Generational Workforce View
Mastering JOBS Workshop (Job Analysis - Job Description - Job Evaluation) View
Managing Your Foreign Work Force Effectively (Work Permit Holders) View
Payroll Administration View
Performance Appraisal / Management Skills View
Performance Appraisal and Re-Career View
Singapore Industrial Relations Negotations View
Singapore Industrial Relations Law and Practice View
Training Needs Analysis - A Practical Approach using ACTION™ Model View
Understanding the CPF Act (for Employers) View
Work Injury Compensation and Group Employees' Benefits View

Transition of Human Resource WSQ (HR WSQ) to Skills Framework HR (SFw HR)

Transition Period: 1 June 2018 to 30 November 2019

Trainees who have obtained modular certifications should complete within the transition period to obtain full qualifications under the HR WSQ framework.

1) Necessary actions by trainees (under HR WSQ)
Trainees, who have completed the last HR WSQ module with SNEF, must provide the necessary supporting documents to us for processing/printing of HR WSQ Qualifications and/or Certified HR Professionals latest by 15 November 2019.

2) SFw HR
• No prescribed Core or Electives modules
• Qualifications will be offered
• Certified HR Professionals will discontinue

3) HR modules offered by SNEF under SFw HR
SNEF will offer HR modules under SFw HR from 1 December 2019 as modular units only.
SNEF will not be offering Qualification.
The modular units taken at SNEF only lead to the achievement of Statement of Attainment.

For more information on SFw HR:
• Visit SSG Website:
• Submit query via Feedback Portal:
• SSG’s hotline: 6785 5785 

=========================================================== A role of Human Resources Professionals and people Managers are not only about the organisational structure of HR but the capabililities required to deliver those roles. SNEF offers units lead to HR Qualifications and Certified HR Professionals.

Certified HR Professional Programmes (to be discontinued effective 1 Dec 2019)

Performance Management
i. Develop a Strategic Approach to Performance Management (Level 5) (CU Title: Develop strategies for performance management)
ii. Implement Performance Management Programme (Level 4)
iii. Administer Performance Review Process (Level 2)

Remunerations & Benefits
i. Develop a Strategic for Total Remuneration (Level 5)
ii. Implement International Compensation Programme (Level 4)
iii. Implement and Evaluate Remuneration Programme (Level 4)
iii. Implement Wage Restructuring (Level 4)

i. Develop a Winning Employer Brand to Attract & Retain Top Talent(Level 5)(CU: title: Develop and Communicate Emploer Brand Position)
ii. Develop and Implement a Reecruitment and Selection Strategies(Level 4)
iii. Implement Recruitment and Selection Methods(Level 3)
iv. Plan and Conduct interviews to Facillitate Hiring Decisions(Level 3)(CU title:Conduct interviews and Make Hiring Decision)

Talent Management
i. Develop Strategiesf for Career Planning(Level 5)
ii. Develop Strategies for Talent Management(Level 5)
iii. Develop a Framework and Strategies for Successio Management(Level 5)
iv. Implement Talent Management Programmes

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Administer a Recruitment and Selection Process View
Administer Performance Review Process View
Align Human Resource Services with Business Needs View
Analyse and Present Research Information View
Assist in Execution of Change Management View
Building Organisation Culture for Business Performance View
Designing a Total Rewards Plan Effective for your Company View
Develop a Framework and Strategies for Succession Management View
Develop Strategies for Performance Management View
Develop Human Resource (HR) Policy Documents View
Develop a Winning Employer Brand to Attract & Retain Top Talent View
Develop and Evaluate Strategies for Learning and Development View
Develop and Implement Recruitment and Selection Strategies View
Develop Human Resource Policy Framework View
Develop Strategies and Policies for Employee Relations View
Develop Strategies for Talent Management View
Developing Total Rewards Strategy to Maximise Business View
Engaging and Managing Stakeholders for Successful Human Resources Plan View
Effective Communication Strategizes View
Fundamentals in Compensation Administration View
Implement Compensation Management Processes View
Implement and Manage Diversity in the Workplace View
Implement Manpower Planning Processes View
Implement Performance Management Programme View
Implement Strategies to Employ, Retain and Re-Employ Older Employees View
Implement Talent Management Programme View
Job Analysis and Evaluation View
Lead Organisational Design View
Manage Grievances, Discipline and Disputes View
Manage Human Resource Analytics View
Measure Human Resource Functional Effectiveness View
Managing Human Resources Risks Effectively View
Plan and Conduct Interviews to Facilitate Hiring Decisions View
Provide Learning Administration Services View
Transforming HR Practices - Tools, Practices and Actions View
Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) Facilitator Course: Implement Employee Health and Well-Being Programmes in the Workplace View
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