The role of procurement and supply management within the wider supply chain is the most strategic - particularly in terms of insight into market development, market creation and an understanding of future risks and challenges that face any organisation. With an increased emphasis on collaboration, partnerships, resilience and outsourcing; blended with a focus on relationship management, networking capabilities and broader commercial acumen, it is time to re-examine the role of procurement and supply
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Course offered under the GMS WSQ framework aims to equip the learners with vital industry skills and knowledge to enhance competency, increase operational productivity and professionalism within the industry. there are three main qualifications achievable within the GMS WSQ framework offered by SNEF, namely:

1. WSQ Certified Operations Specialists (COS)
i. Apply 5S Techniques
ii. Apply Quality Systems
iii. Apply teamwork in the workplace
iv. Apply workplace safety and Health policy

Allows participants to be trained with basic skills in performing technical duties. Participants will be exposed to quality control tools and learn to implement risk controls in their orgnisation. Participants will improve their operational performance to be more effective at the workplace.

2. WSQ Certified Operations Professional (COP)
i. Supervise Quality Procedures
ii. Supervise Workplace Safety and Health Practices (not offered by SNEF)
iii. Supervise Teams at Work
iv. Supervise Work Improvement Processes

Prepares supervisory/managerial level staff with essential supervisory skills. participants will learn to supervise teams at workplace to enhance productivity and also execute improvements activities in the workplace to improve efficiency.

3. WSQ Associate Operation Executive (AOE)
i. Manage Quality System and Processes(not offered by SNEF)
ii. Manage Process Improvement
iii. Apply Management Level Planning Skills
iv. Apply Project Management Skills

Designed for Professionals, Managers and Executive (PMEs) who would like to enhance their project managements skill. participants will be exposed to key managerial skills and knowledge in quality management, business process improvement and quality management.

***one can enrol for courses not offered by SNEF elsewhere ans still attain the listed qualifications.
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Apply 5S Techniques View
Apply Management Level Planning Skills View
Apply Project Management Skills View
Apply Quality Systems View
Apply Teamwork in the Workplace View
Manage Process Improvement View
Implement Lean Six-Sigma View
Supervise Quality Procedures View
Supervise Work Improvement Processes View
Apply Continuous Process Improvement Techniques Group Training Only
Implement Business Process Reengineering Group Training Only
Operate Basic Measuring Devices Group Training Only
Perform Stock Control and Housekeeping Operations Group Training Only
Perform Warehouse Operations Group Training Only
Supervise Team at Work Group Training Only
Use Hand Tools Group Training Only
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Apply Workplace Safety and Health Policy Found HERE
Develop a Risk Management Implementation Plan Found HERE
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