Ever since the inception of PDPA in 2014, Personal Data Protection Comission has taken enforcement actions against a few dozens organisations for breaching data protection obligations and many other organisations have been issued warnings. PDPA establishes a new general data protection law in Singapore which governs the collection, use and disclosure of individuals’ personal data by organisations, as such, every organisation should have at least one knowledgeable Data Protection Officer (DPO) to ensure the organisation is fully compliant with the PDPA.

(1) BM WSQ: Fundamentals of the PDPA – All personnel who needs to collect, use and disclose data on a regular basis. Minimum GCE ‘O’ Level is required.

(2) Practical Implementation of PDPA (Exclusive Template Provided) – All personnel who are involved in policy development. E.g. DPO, Data Protection Committee Reps, HR Personnel, Senior Management

Note: Interested applicants may attend this course without going through course (1).

(3) Preventing and Managing Data Breach Incidents – DPO, Data Protection Committee Reps, HR Personnel, Senior Management

Prerequisite: Interested applicants must attend either course (1) or (2) before attending this course.

(4) Amendments to the PDPA (Online) – Trainees who had previously completed full day PDPA workshops between 2013 to Sep 2020

(5) General Understanding of PDPA (Online) – All personnel who are not involved in policy development

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