Sapphire offers a menu of 5 programmes that integrates productivity practices, human resource and industrial relations to help organisations to transform their workplaces in the future economy.

By transformation, we mean going beyond implementing a scheme or practice or even managing change. Transformation means creating a different organisational mindset for sustainable competitive advantage. It means taking work unit and eventually the business unit and the organisation to a higher level of adaptability, nimbleness and performance. We help you do this by tapping the myriads of schemes available, and to take an approach that integrates the implementation of productivity, human resource and industrial relations practices. This requires programmes that can influence the employees at all levels to overcome their fears and to work together to take the organisation to that higher level.

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Workplace Transformation Programmes

As a start, Sapphire will offer 5 workplace transformation programmes to address the different challenges that organisations face.

(1) The Ageless Workplace Transformation Programme

To tackle the challenges of the aging workforce in Singapore this programme will help you to:

* Develop the skills for workforce planning
* Forge a multigenerational workforce
* Redesign jobs
* Train and re-train the workforce
* Entrench an age-friendly culture

(2) Human Resource-Centric Workplace Transformation Programme

To tackle the challenges of local manpower constraints and the career aspirations of your employees, this programme emphasises excellence in HR practices as a distinctive competitive business strategy by helping you to:

* Build core HR capabilities
* Implement progressive HR practices to support your business strategy
* Manage talent with appropriate career paths
* Implement and sustain flexi-work arrangements to enhance manpower productivity
* Develop and manage employee performance plans
* Entrench a people-centred culture

(3) Learning Workplace Transformation Programme

To tackle the challenges of changing and new skill requirements and the need to have a future-ready workforce, this programme helps you to:

* Conduct a Learning Needs Analysis
* Implement a medium-term company-wide training strategy and plan
* Leverage on the sectoral manpower plan and SkillsFuture initiatives
* Develop a strategy to have employees take co-responsibility for skill development and to be future-ready
* Entrench a lifelong learning culture

(4) Lean Operations Workplace Transformation Programme

To tackle both local and foreign manpower constraints as well as operating costs, this programme helps you to: * Adopt the triple-strong manpower strategy
* Implement lean management practices; Six Sigma, Just-In-Time and business/workplace/workflow reengineering
* Engage employees such as through teams and Quality Control Circles to solve workfloor problems
* Implement a cost-reduction programme
* Entrench a strive for quality, continuous improvement and excellence culture

(5) Technology-Enabled Workplace Transformation Programme

To tackle the challenges of introducing new technology, this programme helps you to: * Engage and partner the union where there is one
* Analyse impact of disruptions and to prepare employees for the new technology
* Implement changes in work practices to complement technology investments
* Redesign jobs and work and reskill employees to perform at a higher level
* Entrench a proactive and responsive culture to new technologies

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