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Our Services

SNEF provides services to employers in these key areas:

1. Represent the key interests of employers in national tripartite committees, forums and national-level reviews

2. Provide expert consultancy and advice to corporate members by experienced consultants on the proper application of local labour laws, policies and tripartite guidelines

3. Update corporate members on the latest important developments in labour, manpower and employment issues through briefings, industrial group meetings and other platforms

4. Enable employers to develop sustainable and competitive workforces through training programmes, organised by our Training Institute, and productivity programmes

5. Facilitate employers’ efforts to build an inclusive workforce and progressive workplaces through programmes focusing on Workplace Health, WorkPro, Fair Employment and Work-Life Balance

6. Provide leading-edge and timely research and information on local HR and employment trends e.g. on local salary trends, to enable corporate members to maintain their competitiveness

SNEF Inaugural Closed-Door Employers Caucus in January 2021

SNEF President Dr. Robert Yap, at the Tripartite Workgroup for Lower Wage Workers (TWG-LWW) Press Conference in October 2021

(Photo credits: MOM Singapore)

For more info on TWG-LWW, visit here.