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Asean Business Awards (ABA)
SGSecure – Leaflet and Guidelines for WorkPlaces
SNEF Sample -Consent Form for Re-employment by Another Employer
National Wages Council Guidelines 2017 / 2018
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Welcoming New Members

SNEF welcomes 33 new corporate members in Jul 2018. They join the company of 3,430 members which aim to excel in responsible employment practices. We thank all members for their continuing support.

1. Atkins Design Engineering Consultants Pte. Ltd.
2. Bank Pictet & Cie (Asia) Ltd.
3. Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd.
4. Dezainwerkz Pte. Ltd.
5. Durapower Technology (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
6. J9 Holdings Pte. Ltd.
7. Keppel DHCS O&M Pte. Ltd.
8. Keppel Electric Pte Ltd
9. Keppel Enterprise FinHub Pte. Ltd.
10.Keppel Enterprise Services Pte. Ltd.
11.Keppel Gas Pte. Ltd.
12.Keppel Infrastructure Holdings Pte. Ltd.
13.Keppel Infrastructure Services Pte. Ltd.
14.Keppel People Services Pte. Ltd.
15.Keppel Technology and Innovation Pte. Ltd.
16.MFS International Singapore Pte. Ltd.
17.New Resources Technology Pte. Ltd.
18.Office Productivity Solution Pte. Ltd.
19.Ovivo Singapore Pte. Ltd.
20.Pictet Asset Management (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
21.Pictet Holding LLP
22.Plenus & Mk Pte. Ltd.
23.SATS Aero Laundry Pte. Ltd.
24.SATS Aerolog Express Pte. Ltd.
25.SATS Asia-Pacific Star Pte. Ltd.
26.SATS Delaware North Pte. Ltd.
27.SATS-Creuers Cruise Services Pte. Ltd.
28.Sumitomo Electric International (Singapore) Pte Ltd
29.The Methodist Church in Singapore
30.Tristar Management Services Pte Ltd
31.Urecon Automation Pte. Ltd.
32.Yong-En Care Centre
33.Young Living Singapore Pte. Ltd.