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SGSecure – Leaflet and Guidelines for WorkPlaces
SNEF Sample -Consent Form for Re-employment by Another Employer
National Wages Council Guidelines 2017 / 2018
Tripartite Advisory on Best Sourcing Practices
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Welcoming New Members

SNEF welcomes 14 new corporate members in Feb 2018. They join the company of 3,402 members which aim to excel in responsible employment practices. We thank all members for their continuing support.

1. 8ightplus International Pte. Ltd.
2. Anomalyst Studio Pte. Ltd.
3. Bema International Pte Ltd
4. CoAssets International Pte. Ltd.
5. Emix Industry (S) Pte. Ltd.
6. Environmental Resources Management (S) Pte Ltd
7. Fu Fong Trading Pte Ltd
8. Hiap Seng Building Construction Pte. Ltd.
9. iQuartz Pte. Ltd.
10. NAC Machinery & Equipment Pte. Ltd.
11. Singapore Facilitists Private Limited
12. Singapore Symphonia Company Limited
13. STL I Marine Pte. Ltd.
14. Trybe Limited