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SNEF Media Statement on Private Sector Response to Public Service Division’s Announcement
SNEF Sample -Consent Form for Re-employment by Another Employer
SGSecure – Leaflet and Guidelines for WorkPlaces
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Welcoming New Members

SNEF welcomes 35 new corporate members in Sep 2019. They join the company of 3,424 members which aim to excel in responsible employment practices. We thank all members for their continuing support.

1. A.M. Pharmacy Pte Ltd
2. Adani Global Pte. Ltd.
3. Alpha Joints & Orthopaedics Pte. Ltd.
4. Dragon Peppers Pte. Ltd.
5. Drs Lim Hoe & Wong Radiology Pte. Ltd.
6. Drs Thompson & Thomson (Radlink Medicare) Pte. Ltd.
7. Drs Trythall Hoy Davies (Pte) Ltd
8. Drs. Horne & Chin Pte. Ltd.
9. Fervour Pte. Ltd.
10.Fullerton Health Pte. Ltd.
11.Fullerton Healthcare Group Pte. Limited
12.Gethin-Jones Medical Practice Pte Ltd
13.H C P Pte. Ltd.
14.ICII 1 Pte. Ltd.
15.IN Surgery Pte. Ltd.
16.Jerevin Industrial Pte Ltd
17.Masjid Alkaff Kampung Melayu
18.Medical Imaging Private Limited
19.Medisol Pte. Ltd.
20.Mind Stretcher Learning Centre (Punggol Central) Pte. Ltd.
21.Orchard Heart Specialist Pte. Ltd.
22.Orient Corporation Pte. Ltd.
23.Pacific Crest Pte. Ltd.
24.Pacific Radiance Ltd.
25.Pedro Investigations & Security Services Pte Ltd
26.RadLink Diagnostic Imaging (S) Pte. Ltd.
27.RadLink PET and Cardiac Imaging Centre Pte. Ltd.
28.RadLink Women & Fetal Imaging Pte. Ltd.
29.RadLink-Asia Pte Ltd
30.Right Service Pte. Ltd.
31.Singapore Radiopharmaceuticals Pte. Ltd.
32.Sinus Surgery Pte. Ltd.
33.The Vascular & General Surgery Centre Pte. Ltd.
34.Urbanrehab Private Limited
35.Xndo Pte. Ltd.