online-learningIn view of the latest COVID-19 measures, we are pleased to offer a variety of online courses for our learners to re-skill and reinvigorate themselves to stay relevant and be ready when the economy recovers.

For more information on any of the courses, please do not hesitate to contact us at or DID: 6827 6927 / 6827 6900.

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Amendments to the PDPA (Online) View    
A Design Thinking Approach to Employee Engagement (Online) View Administer Performance Review Process (SFw HR) (Synchronous e-learning) View
Accelerated Learning and Development in Covid-19 Using AI and Data Science (Online) View Align Human Resource Services with Business Needs (SFw HR) (Synchronous e-learning)  View
Accelerated Talent Identification and Development in COVID-19 using AI and Data Science (Online) View Assist in Execution of Change Management (SFw HR) (Synchronous e-learning & Asynchronous e-learning)  View
Adapting To The Ever-Changing World – Especially In The Covid Situation (Online) View Apply Systems Thinking in Problem Solving and Decision Making (Synchronous e-learning) View 
AI and Data Science Driven Performance and Career Planning – powered by JobKred (Online) View Apply Teamwork in the Workplace (Synchronous e-learning) View 
Apply the Power Of (NLP) Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques at Work (Online) View Building Organisation Culture for Business Performance (SFw HR) (Synchronous e-learning) View 
Basics of Age Management (Online) View    
Best Practices for Responsible Exit Management (Online)
View Contribute to Customer Service Over Various Platforms (SF) (Synchronous e-learning) View 
Business Continuity Plan For HR Using Design Thinking (Online) View    
Compensation 101 for HR Professionals: Compensation Principles and Practices (Online) View Define Job Profiles (SFw HR) (Synchronous e-learning) View
Compensation 202 for HR Professionals – Incentive Design (Online) View Develop a Winning Employer Brand to Attract and Retain Top Talent (SFw HR) (Synchronous e-learning) View
Conducting WSH Committee Meeting Effectively (Online) View Develop and Evaluate Strategies for Learning and Development (SFw HR) (Synchronous e-learning) View
COVID-19: Safe Management Measures at the Workplace (Online) View Develop and Implement Recruitment and Selection Strategies (SFw HR) (Synchronous e-learning) View
Design Thinking for Problem Solving and Strategic Innovation (Online) View Develop Human Resource (HR) Policy Documents (SFw HR) (Synchronous e-learning)  View
Develop Impactful Presentation (Online) View    
Driving a Successful Flexi Work Arrangement (FWA) as Managers (Online) View    
Effective Business Report Writing Skills (Online) View Develop Human Resource Policy Framework (SFw HR) (Synchronous e-learning) View
Employment Advisories and Practices During Covid-19 (Online)  View    
Effective Sales Negotiation (Online) View Develop Strategies for Talent Management (SFw HR) (Synchronous e-learning) View
Employee Engagement and Well-Being: Theory and Practices (Online) View Digital Marketing (Synchronous e-learning)  View
Employee Recruitment and Separation in the New Normal Post Covid-19 (Online) View    
Enhance Relationship With Assertiveness (Online) View Effective Communication Strategizes (SFw HR) (Synchronous e-learning) View
Extraordinary Leaders for Extraordinary Times (Online) View ES WSQ with ICDL Certification – Perform Advanced Spreadsheet Functions (Advanced Excel 2013) – 3 days (Synchronous e-learning)   View
Franklin Covey-SNEF: Extraordinary Productivity in Turbulent Times (Online) View ES WSQ with ICDL Certification – Perform Advanced Spreadsheet Functions (Advanced Excel 2016) – 3 days (Synchronous e-learning)  View
Franklin Covey-SNEF: Find Out Why (Online) View    
Franklin Covey-SNEF: Focus & Execute in Uncertainty (Online) View    
Franklin Covey-SNEF: Inspiring Trust Through Tough Times (Online) View
Franklin Covey-SNEF: Navigating Change & Uncertainty through The 7 Habits (Online) View

Franklin Covey-SNEF: Project Management Essentials (Online) View ES WSQ with ICDL Certification – Perform Spreadsheet Functions (Excel 2013) – 3 days (Synchronous e-learning)  View
Franklin Covey-SNEF: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Online) View    
Get Creative (Even For The Most Logical Brain) (Online) View      
GR1 Total Rewards Management (Online)  View    
C3E Quantitative Principles in Compensation Management (Online)  View     
GR3 Job Analysis, Documentation & Evaluation (Online)  View ES WSQ with ICDL Certification – Perform Spreadsheet Functions (Excel 2016) – 3 days (Synchronous e-learning)  View
GR4 Base Pay Administration & Pay for Performance (Online)  View     
GR6 Variable Pay – Improving Performance with Variable Pay (Online)  View    
GR7 International Remuneration – An Overview of Global Rewards (Online)  View     
GR9 Strategic Communication in Total Rewards (Online)  View    
GR17 Market Pricing – Conducting a Competitive Pay Analysis (Online)  View     
C8 Business Acumen for Compensation Professionals (Online)  View    
T7 International Financial Reporting Standards for Compensation Professionals (Online) View     
C1 Regulatory Environments for Compensation Programs – Part of CCP Certification (Online) View    
T2 Accounting and Finance for the Human Resources Professional – Part CCP certification (Online) View    
Handling Difficult and Challenging People At The Workplace (Online) View    
How HR Can Manage Employees Personal Data Effectively (Online) View ICDL Data Analytics (Synchronous e-learning) View
How to Surf the Digital Transformation Wave with Ease (Online) View Implement Operations for Service Excellence (SF) View
How to Write Ads & Sales Messages That Sell (Online) View Implement Strategies to Employ, Retain and Re-employ Older Employees (SFw HR) (Synchronous e-learning) View
Implement Flexible Wage System (Online) View    
Interpersonal Communications (Online) View Implement Talent Management Programme (SFw HR) (Synchronous e-learning)

Keeping Your Supervisory Management Skills  (Online) View    
Keys To Instant Rapport (Online) View    
Lead Your Remote Team Effectively (Online) View LPM WSQ – Build Positive Team Relationships (SF) (Synchronous e-learning) View 
Local Dating Industry View LPM WSQ – Implement Innovative Change (SF) – (Synchronous e-learning) View 
Manage and Banish Stress Stay Healthy While Working From Home (Online) View LPM WSQ – Support Your Team Creatively (SF) – (Synchronous e-learning) View 
Managing Anger Effectively During Challenging Situations for Service Professionals (Online) View LPM WSQ – The Facilitative Leader of Self-Managed Teams (SF) (Synchronous e-learning) View 
Managing Multi-Generational Workforce (Online) View Manage Grievances, Discipline and Disputes (SFw HR) (Synchronous e-learning) View 
Managing Performance During Times of Covid-19 Policies, Practices, Challenges and Opportunities (Online) View Manage Human Resource Analytics (SFw HR) (Synchronous e-learning) View
Maximixing Performance Through Coaching (Online) View    
Negotiating for Success (Online) View LPM WSQ – Leading Teams Toward Organisational Excellence (SF) (Synchronous e-learning) View 
Overview of Risk Assessment (Aligned with SGSecure) (Online) View    
Performance Appraisal and
Re Career (Online)
Persuasive Selling Secrets (Online) View LPM WSQ – Manage Team Success (SF) – (Synchronous e-learning) View
Practical Persuasion – Methods to Persuade and Get Yes from More People (Online) View LPM WSQ – Powerup Your People Through Encouragement (SF) – (Synchronous e-learning) View
Re-Invent Yourself And Value-Add To Organizational Success (Online) View Measure Human Resource Functional Effectiveness (SFw HR) (Synchronous e-learning) View  
Secrets of Written Persuasion (Online) View Managing Human Resources Risks Effectively (SFw HR) (Synchronous e-learning) View
Setting KPIs for Effective Job Performance (Online) View Optimise Workforce for Service Excellence (SF) (Synchronous e learning) View
TAFEP-SNEF: Fair Grievance Handling (Online)  View Plan and Conduct Interviews to Facilitate Hiring Decisions (SFw HR) (Synchronous e-learning) View
TAFEP-SNEF: Managing Harassment in the Workplace (Online) View  Provide Learning Administration Services (SFw HR) (Synchronous e-learning) View
TAFEP-SNEF: Overview of the Employment Act (Online) View    
Technical Proposal Writing Skills (Online) View Respond to Service Challenges (SF) (Synchronous e-learning) View 
Time Management With Greater Office Productivity (Online) View SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace (SNEF) (Synchronous e-learning)  View
Training Needs Analysis – A Practical Approach using ACTION™ Model (Online) View    
Using Emotional Intelligence for Managing Oneself and Others (Online) View    
Winning Presentation for
Business (Online)
Work Smart and Manage Time While Working From Home (Online) View    
Working with Chemical Hazardous Substances (Online) View Transforming HR Practices – Tools, Processes and Actions (SFw HR) (Synchronous e-learning) View

In addition to our public-run workshops, we also offer on-site customized/contextualised group training.

For more information on customized/contextualised group training, please contact:

Dave Or

Tel: 6827 6921


Darren Lim

Tel: 6827 6930


Shirlyn Tan

Tel: 6827 6906


June Wong

Tel: 6827 6924